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Who I Am And What I Do

My name is Linda Silva and I am a Physical Therapist Assistant and a Licensed Massage Therapist.

I took my first John F. Barnes Myofascial Release course in 2017 and it changed how I treat my patients and my clients.  After a three day seminar I walked out of there feeling like I became unglued.  I had so much range of motion and energy that I knew my career as I knew it was going to change.

I started immediately when I went back to work!  I was treating a man named Frank who had multiple finger contractures and his neck had been in stuck position for over 70 years.  He dove into a shallow pond when he was a teenager and he never could turn his head again.  As I practiced on his hands during our physical therapy treatments, he asked me one day would I work on his neck.  I said sure next visit we can do that.  On our next visit he said “I thought you were going to work on my neck today?”  I said, “yes, I plan too."  He then showed me that he was able to turn his head for the first time in over 70  years and he had no pain.  Mind you, I never did work on his neck, it was from working on his hands that released some fascia in his neck!  

Needless to say I was hooked on Myofascial Release.  I have treated every single patient/client with Myofascial Release since then.  I cannot tell you how many people improved functionally with this type of treatment and have decreased pain.  I even had a 103 year old patient tell me she grew taller as a result of Myofascial Release!  

I am an advanced level John F Barnes MFR therapist and I continue to take courses and will continue with my own treatment in order to support my clients the best way I can.  I would be happy to assist you on your journey to better health and well being.

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